Dear Sir, Madam

Allow me to introduce you our company, which specialises in research, development and production of electrodes for determination of pH, conductivity and RedOx potencial.
These electrodes can be used extensively in chemical production, laboratories, glass manufacturing, geological research, as well as in food industry, enviromental analysis, schools, biochemistry, clinical medicine, ...
Our production is based on longterm experiences in research and development of electrodesign in the past, the establishment of our company allows for more flexibility to satisfy customers demand,
shorter dates of delivery and last but not least the advantage of flexible price structure.
Our wide sortiment includes pH/mV meter, conductivity meters, RedOx meters, reference electrodes, buffer calibration solutions, and other accessories.

I hope you will find our offer interestion and I am prepared to give you detailed information about our sortiment and delivery time. Please, don´t hesitate to ask.

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